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Louis Vuitton is perhaps my all-time favorite luxury handbag brand, and with all the buzz surrounding Louis Vuitton’s new artistic pursuits (such as Pharrell Williams’ appointment to Men’s Creative Director, the maison‘s creative partnership with renowned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, and the unveiling of the new collection of Nicolas Ghesquière, women’s creative director of Louis Vuitton), I thought I’d write an article on one of Louis Vuitton’s purses.

The name Louis Vuitton to me embodies irresistibility, timelessness, and elegance. Their world-renowned handbags represent French artisanal excellence, and everything about their handbags’ style — from the warm brown tones of the classic monogram line, the elegant stitches, and the ubiquitous Louis Vuitton logo — never fails to make a subtle yet powerful statement.

Here I’ll be writing about the Louis Vuitton Amazone, a piece that has been around for decades. This sling bag combines style, timelessness and practicality, owing to its crossbody adjustable strap, compact size, and light weight.

Picky moi is a fan of the Louis Vuitton monogram. It really never goes out of style! The photos below beautifully showcase the rich, brown canvas and impeccable handiwork around the classic monogram print.

The Louis Vuitton Amazone is a beautiful, elegant handbag that can be worn on just about any occasion. Left photo: a close-up photo of the bag. Right photo: how the bag looks worn across the body.

Although it’s been decades since the Louis Vuitton Amazone came out, and is now considered a vintage piece (only available now in vintage shops), it definitely still feels timeless, not having lost its femininity nor its stately appeal.

The Louis Vuitton Amazone is an absolute gem. It adds style to a conservative office ensemble. It’s great with jeans for a casual lunch or brunch. It’s also the perfect accessory to complement a slacks-and-turtleneck dinner outfit. What’s more, the purse looks good in any season — a gorgeous complement to a fall mini-skirt and boots combo, a winter coat, or a full-length summer dress for strolls and window-shopping.

Loving the way the purse looks in the winter. LV bags look chic in any setting!

Are you a Louis Vuitton handbag fan? What are your favorite Louis Vuitton styles?

Are you inspired to get a Louis Vuitton?

You don’t need an excuse to party — go get an LV! 😉

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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