Curly Hair Series Part 1

Hi Beauties! Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long, but so much has happened! I started a new job, in a new and exciting industry! That being said, it has taken so much of my time.

In this post, I want to go through some of the things I’ve learned through my curly hair journey.

I think the most important thing to know if you’re going to go through this journey, is what type of curls it is you have and the porosity too. Once you understand this, you can buy products that work for your curl!

To keep it simple– hair porosity is how your hair will absorb and retain water, basically there are three levels: low, normal and high. Low levels need moisture and have more difficulty absorbing water however they retain it better. High levels absorb water and moisture easily however they lose it quickly. I take normal as an in between both low and high porosity. Normal is the ideal level. The site Natural Curls Club explains this in a much better way.

Curl type is easier to determine, if you view the image below you can determine where you lie. Me personally, I fall between 3a-3b.

Image thanks to Curlacious site!

Once I had this all figured out, I was able to understand my hair better and cater to what it actually needs. Knowing this information also helped me understand why some products did not work for me at all.

The first product I purchased when I had all the details I needed was a silk head wrap. This helped my curls stay in tact longer; my day 2 curls needed less maintenance than before I started using the silk head wrap. Also, I can honestly say that I see less breakage in my hair. I got mine from amazon, but you can get one from etsy, sephora or pretty much any store that sells beauty products.

Second, I got myself a wide tooth comb to use in the shower. All the hair experts agree that curly hair should be untangled with a wide tooth comb or your fingers while wet– not a brush. Using a brush will disrupt your curls and that is not what you want. Since I started doing this, my curls look better and have more bounce.

Third, I got rid of all products that list alcohol as the first or even second ingredient. Crunchy curls may have been a thing in NYC during the early 2000’s but no one wants that now! Products containing alcohol are known to dry out your hair, which damages curls. All of my products are hydrating, with natural oils to help nourish my hair. Remember, the goal is to have healthy, natural, bouncy curls. There are gels and sprays that use natural oils and other frizz control products that are hydrating and use very minimal to no alcohol.

Lastly, I stopped using a flat iron. Don’t get me wrong, on my bad hair days I get super tempted to straighten it but I just put my hair up in a pineapple style and call it a day. The only heat I use is by diffusing my hair from time to time– and even then I try and keep it to a minimum.

The most important thing to remember is that even though there may be bad days, the good days make it all worth it. Also, this is a process and you will NOT get to your goal overnight. I’ve been at this for about 6 months (I think— I honestly lost track!) and I still have some ways to go in this journey. I will say, that since I’ve embarked on this journey, my hair has never felt healthier. When I wash my hair it feels so silky and soft; when it dries there is so much more volume to it as well!

Before starting my journey– did not curl as much and was not full.
Current– much more volume and curls are more defined.

Join me for part 2 in my series where I discuss my favorite products to nourish my hair!

xoxo mon amours!


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