Drippin’ in Finesse

Hello beauties! I’ve recently decided to stop straightening my hair and embrace my curls. It has officially been about 4 months since the last time I straightened my hair and I am finally noticing some positive changes in the way my hair curls. Of course, with this new hair lifestyle, if you will, comes a lot of maintenance.

One of the most important things right now is to make sure my hair stays hydrated. Curly hair tends to absorb moisture and dry out a lot quicker so everything I have been using is moisturizing and nourishing. My goal is to get soft bouncy curls so anything with alcohol is a huge no-no.

Through Brandbacker, I received some free samples of Finesse’s Deep Conditioning Keratin Treatment. Keratin is a protein already found in hair, it’s main job being to protect hair from damage.

This treatment is more of a mask than anything else– the directions are to leave it on for about 5 minutes and then rinse off. The product claims to restore and strengthen hair, for a much healthier look.


The first time I used it, I was shocked at how much product is in one packet! My hair is medium length at the moment so half the packet was more than enough for me. Every time I use it I feel like I’m on a tropical vacation as it truly does have that coconut scent the packet advertises! The product does not feel heavy or greasy on the hair; instead it feels very lightweight but also very hydrating.

Since I started using it, I have noticed that my hair looks shinier and my curls feel softer. Since my scalp gets itchy quickly, I actually have to wash my hair a little more frequently than is recommended and I feel that this has helped me keep my hair nourished and moisturized.

Overall, I do recommend the product to all hair types– for finer hair I would definitely recommend using it once a week, where as for me, I use it twice a week since my hair absorbs moisture a lot quicker. The packets retail for USD$ 1.79 each which is amazing considering you get a ton of product. You can buy it at target by clicking here.


Until next post my lovelies! ♦♦

*Sponsored by Brandbacker


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