Recreating KathleenLights Look!

Hi beauties! Saturday night I attended a sweet 16! I decided to get a little cray with the makeup and tried to recreate KathleenLights’ Blue Dream look. I’ll add a link to her video at the end of the post– I absolutely love watching her videos and highly recommend her channel. Now keep in mind, I am an amateur at this makeup stuff and her eye shape and size are different than mine, so the look may not be exactly the same, but hey, I tried.

Ok, below is a picture of what I wanted to achieve for my night out.  I’ll begin by listing the colors I used to achieve it, in the order I used them.

KL Blue Dream

For this look, I used her Dream St. Palette, from Colourpop. I love this palette; I didn’t have to use any other palette to create this look. I primed my eyes with some concealer– I used the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer.

Once primed, I used the shade shooting star as a base/transition color. I used this with a fluffy synthetic brush to apply it to the lid and into the crease. Honestly I was a bit sloppy with this one. I kept this brush aside because every time I added a new color I went back in with this color to make sure everything is blended nicely.

The second color I used was elfish, which is a dark brown. I used a similar brush to blend and apply this color. I tried to be a bit more precise with this color; not as messy and not as far into the inner portion of the eye. Basically focusing more on the outer parts of the eye.

With a morphe B43 brush; I took the color water bearer  and placed it on the outer corners of the eye. I was much more precise with this color especially since I was pretty much doing the same thing as I did with elfish and I didn’t want to completely lose the work I did.

Now this is the part that scared me the most; cutting the crease. I tried really hard to follow KathleenLights’ video. I used the Colourpop concealer and a BH cosmetics flat brush to pick up some product. I slowly semi cut the crease and I think I did an ok job lol.

Now, where I cut the crease, I took another flat brush, and added the color Kaleidoscope. The concealer really helped the color pop. Then with a small shader brush, I went in with the color mermaid boy in between kaleidoscope and water bearer. This allows the shades to transition much more smoothly from one to the other.

Remember that it helps to go back in with the initial brush to go over everything and get rid of any harshness.

For under the eye,  I repeated the steps all over again. Kathleen used a green eyeliner; but since I couldn’t find my green eyeliner I settled for black.



Ok beauties, that was my attempt at the Blue Dream look! I hope this was helpful or at least interesting!

To watch Kathleen create it click here.

That’s all for now! Next post I’ll talk about the eye shadow brushes I like to use 🙂 ♥♥♥


9 thoughts on “Recreating KathleenLights Look!

    1. Thank you!! Hmm this is a bit tricky, since I haven’t done makeup on hooded lids. From what I’ve observed you would have to go past your lid, onto the hooded area to increase the drama. Depending on how hooded your lids are, I would recommend checking how Manny MUA does his shadow. Hope this helps!


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