Becca Eyes

Hi beauties! Today I want to talk about three Becca products that I received complimentary for reviewing purposes. With that said, all opinions expressed here are definitely my own, because I like to keep it real.

The three products I received are the Becca Anti-Fatigue Under Eye PrimerUnder Eye Brightening Corrector, and the Under Eye Brightening Setting Powder. I used these together and separately for the last 2-3 weeks. Keep on reading to find out my thoughts on each product individually.

under eye primer

The Under Eye Primer ($32)

The primer claims to smooth and blur the appearance of fine lines and reduce puffiness under the eyes. I have to say, that even with the first application I did notice that the primer causes a blurring effect. I have tiny fine lines under my eyes and they seemed to have disappeared each time I applied this. My eyes definitely looked less tired and makeup creased less. Overall I do recommend this product; I absolutely love it.


The Brightening Corrector ($32)

So, I don’t believe that this is supposed to work like a concealer per se, rather it is designed to brighten the under eye to even out the skin tone and help with the application of concealer. I liked this, especially when I didn’t want to wear makeup but didn’t want to look like a raccoon. It does brighten the eyes, and it mixes well under makeup. I would recommend this, mostly to women who like me, suffer from horrible dark under eye circles, for any one else, I think a good concealer is sufficient.

The Brightening Setting Powder ($25)

I did enjoy using this setting powder. It didn’t dry out the skin on my eyes, which is so sensitive and is prone to drying out quickly. It really locked in the products I used and it did prevent the foundation and concealer from moving around. It’s not large but a little goes a long way and for the price I’d say it’s worth it, however if you already have a great setting powder I’d say you can skip it.

Overall I did like all three products but my favorite is the primer. It’s the one I grab the most and I feel it has helped me the most.

That’s all for this post my beauties, until next post! ◊◊


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