Tarte Shape Tape Foundation Review!

Hi beauties! Today I’m giving you guys a review/first impression of the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation. I’m going to get right to the post so keep on reading to find out my thoughts!

I ordered this bad boy as soon as it launched. I got the shade medium-neutral in their hydrating formula; the foundation retails for 39 USD plus shipping and taxes.

It comes in a nice glass bottle, the glass looks matte/kind of frosted. My favorite thing about the foundation is the doe foot applicator. It makes using it so much easier (no more pumping it on the back of my hand!).

The formula itself feels thick and dries very quickly so once you apply it, start blending! They hydrating formula seems to be medium to full coverage; meaning it’s buildable.

Before I go on to talk about what I don’t like, I’d like to note that I love Tarte. Their blushes are ride or die for me! Plus they’re cruelty free ❤ so please take my critiques with a grain of salt as they are my opinions!

Now, what I did NOT like was the fact that they launched with such a small range of shades AND their undertones are so prominent in the formula! I’m usually medium tan/neutral in most foundations and they tend to have a little of both pink/tan undertones– one should not overpower the other. With this one, after first applying it, the pinky undertones seem to be a lot stronger, (I don’t know maybe I’m crazy). The shade itself wasn’t a perfect match but I’m making it work, which I wish I didn’t have to but such is life.

Now I DO like that after some time it settled nicely and gave me a dewy look. It also wears nicely throughout the day and I haven’t had an issue with it moving around, so that’s a plus! It feels very light on the skin considering how thick the formula looks.

This foundation received so much hype, so I suppose I’m being extra critical on it because of that. My first impression of it was not very good. Considering how great the Shape Tape concealer is, I was not impressed. Also taking into account that you have to kind of guess your shade since it’s mainly sold online, I think Tarte could have done a better job with the shades. I guess also comparing it to other foundations I definitely thought I’d be wowed by this one. Let me know in the comments if any of you have tried the matte and like it, or if you’ve tried the hydrating formula and feel the same!

Overall, this wouldn’t be a foundation I recommend at the moment. At least not until they release more shades. For me, personally I would sooner go with the Hourglass vanish stick foundation or the Fenty Beauty foundation. So is it belle approved? Not at the moment. There’s talk of Tarte launching more shades so maybe after that it’ll be much better; because they are receiving a lot of criticism on the foundation, maybe they’ll create a better formula as well, with better undertones.

To purchase click here!

That’s all for this post! Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Tarte Shape Tape Foundation Review!

  1. There has been so much controversy surrounding this foundation! It also seems like this foundation is the same as one they just discontinued, the Tarte Gel Hybrid foundation. The ingredients are the same. This was Tarte’s response – “Yes, they have the same ingredients. We used our most hydrating formula as a base but mixed, filled and cured it through the proprietary manufacturing method we created for shape tape concealer. This process gives it a different texture, application and finish.”

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