Natasha Denona Holiday Edition

Hi my beauties! Today I am giving you my review on the Natasha Denona Eye Shadow Palette 5- Holiday Edition; and I bought it in the color Aeris #2. I bought this palette with my Rouge discount in early November and I finally got to try it out for Thanksgiving. The colors just drew me in and I pulled the trigger on buying it. Keep on reading for my full review!


The palette retails for $48 USD and it brings 5 shadows, which is quite pricey considering you can get an ABH palette with more shadows, for a couple of bucks less. I will say, though, that Natasha Denona is known to be quite pricey, however, most reviews say that the quality is worth the cost.

The Pigment:

Ok, so this is where we find out if it is worth it or not! I haven’t used every shadow (yet) but I have swatched them all. For my Thanksgiving look (see images below) I used the red bronze (metallic color) over the burnt terracotta red (which is matte). I had to use the metallic color with my finger because when I tried to apply it with my brush (without fix plus on it– I’ll have to try this next time) my brush didn’t pick up any of the color. I actually didn’t mind this because I was able to get it on the lid exactly where I wanted to. The color pay off was really nice. They were very pigmented and so easy to blend! Even the metallic, once applied blended very easily. The shades also wore really nicely through out the day and night. While blending and applying I didn’t notice much (if any) fall out. I will say though, that the shimmers in the metallic colors, are very difficult to get off; I think I stopped fully shimmering after my shower lol!

Final Verdict:

Overall, I did enjoy using this palette, and I may get its counterpart Joya #1. The colors are highly pigmented and beautiful. They are easy to blend and they also wear well. The price is pretty steep; Sephora will have another sale coming up (I know for Rouge definitely, not sure about VIB) so I will wait for the sale to get the other palette and I recommend the same for anyone else who may be interested. I think this is an easy palette to work with and would definitely recommend this! So, what I’m saying in so many words is, *sigh* yes, it is worth the money because even though I used my 20% Rouge discount, I actually would buy it again.

Below you can see my Thanksgiving look as well as some struggle swatches lol

Up close after finishing the look.
Beginning of the day– I had no idea my shirt matched the look… this was a total accident! LOL
At night, right before I washed it off 🙂
Poor swatches, I’ll work on this! Promise!

I bought mine at sephora and you can too by clicking here.

Until next post my loves! ♥


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