Strongest Mask?

Hello my beauties! Today I want to talk about one of the best reviewed masks on amazon. I’ve read claims that it is the strongest mask, and almost every review is raving about the effectiveness of this mask. So what is it you ask? It’s the Aztec Secret Healing Clay  ($10.45). With over 11K (that’s right ELEVEN THOUSAND) reviews on amazon, and after reading the claims I caved and ordered it. Keep reading to find out more!

What you get is 1 lb of the clay in powder form; the product itself is formed from calcium bentonite which is known to be very good for detoxing the skin, and so much more. Calcium bentonite is basically volcanic ash that has settled in the earth and absorbed hundreds of years worth of minerals and earthy nutrients. The instruction say to pour equal parts of the clay and apple cider vinegar (or water) into a plastic container, it warns not to use a metal container. I ordered a cheap little bowl kit from amazon as well for this (linked below). I added some powder and vinegar and mixed it until I got a paste. I grabbed a brush and applied it to my face.

I leave it on for 20 minutes because I don’t really have sensitive skin; but please be sure to read the instructions if you do. The mask instantly starts working, and it feels as if it is digging deep into my pores. After a couple of minutes my face LITERALLY began to pulsate! For a moment I became concerned but I read from multiple places (including the product instructions) that this is normal. It almost hurt a little but because I have been fighting acne for a few months I powered through. After washing it off my face was a bit red, but again this is normal and goes away within 30 minutes. The first time I used it, I was surprised at how clean and soft my face felt, but I didn’t see immediate results like some people claim. However, within three days, I was left with one little zit, now the only thing left to battle are the scars I have from picking at them. My pores looked noticeably smaller, my skin is plump and glowing and my makeup applies flawlessly.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who fights acne or who would like to give themselves an at home facial experience. I’ve been using it daily because of my tough acne, however I think using it anywhere from 1-3 times a week is more than enough depending on your skin type. I also moisturize after using it to make sure I don’t dry out my face. I can see why there is so much hype around this mask as it does work! I like to use it with the apple cider vinegar because I think it works better, but I’m sure water would work just fine.

Before, these are quite painful!
After, just a little scarring now, and no zits!

I definitely will continue to use this mask daily until my face is completely clear. I will link were to buy the mask again below as well as were I got my bowl and spatula.

Thanks beauties! Until next post! 🙂

PS– I have continued to use my Curology treatment every night, it helps prevent future breakouts!

Aztec Secret Healing Clay, 1LB $10.45

Face Mask Bowl + Measuring Spoons $6.99


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