Butter Highlighter!

Hello beauties! I am here today, to give my honest review on the Physicians Formula Butter Highlighter. Please note, that I did receive this product for free but all opinions are my own ♦ Keep reading to find out what I thought about this product!

The product comes in a plastic, round container, that has a screw on top. It isn’t too big but it appears that it still has a good amount of product in it. I received the color champagne, which looks very golden at first glance. The product smells amazing; it smells like a tropical vacation, but it isn’t overwhelming.

It swatched really nicely and felt creamy to the touch. When I swirled my brush in it to apply it (I hadn’t read the directions) it looked quite chunky. Luckily, even with a brush, it applied really nicely on to the cheekbones. After reading the directions lol, I use my (clean) fingertips to apply it and blend it into my face with a brush after. It gives the high points of my face a very in-your-face glow but not in an obnoxious way where it looks like zebra stripes with just one swipe.

I’ve been using it every day for the last 4 days and so far I must say I actually like it! It retails for a whopping $10.95 which makes it sooo much more appealing 😉 The only complaint I have is that the color champagne looked a little too golden on my skin the first time I applied it. I think I grew to love the glow, but I usually go for highlighters that just blend into my skin and give a subtle glow. This one, as I said before, is much more blinding. Of course, that one con is based on my personal preference. For the price, I definitely recommend it as it applies nicely, and is quite pigmented.

CBF0D490-02C9-48FD-8A44-B465BCEC6A04To purchase the butter highlighter and/or view the other shades it comes in click HERE.

That’s all on this highlighter beauties, until next post! ♦♦♦♦


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