Make Me Blush!

Hello my belles! Today I’d like to talk about my go to blushes. I absolutely love blush, it helps diminish the appearance of dark circles, by giving the face some color. Of course you have to be careful because use the wrong color, or too much and you’ve got clown face. Keep reading to find out which blushes work for me 🙂

  1. Flirt It Up! by Sephora has been a staple blush in my makeup routine. For my olive skin tone it is the perfect rosy tone. It is a matte blush, which I love.
  2. Seduce by Tarte is part of their Amazonian Clay 12-hr line. This is a rosy nude color, which is very subtle. I use this for my every day makeup look. It is also matte, and I love that it looks very natural.
    Amazonian clay12-hour blush
  3. Dazzled by Tarte is from the same line as Seduce. This one has a teeny bit of shimmer, and it is a soft rosy color. I thought I wasn’t going to like this, because it almost looks a little purple, however it is so subtle it doesn’t come across this way. It is a great blush for a glam look.
Amazonian clay12-hour blush

With all blushes I think you always have to make sure you start off with a light hand. It is always easier to dust on a little more, rather than removing. Plus, too much blush doesn’t look good on anyone. For my olive skin tone I always look for rosy colored blushes because they work and look best. They also look natural on my skin tone, which is exactly what I always look for.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Thanks for stopping by my belles!


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