KKW- Powder Contour

Hi beauties! Today I am here to talk about the KKW Beauty Powder Contour & Highlight kit! Kim KW is known for her contouring skills, so I honestly purchased this without thinking twice about it. Keep on reading to find out my thoughts!



Ok, so this kit came in a KKW Beauty bag, inside the bag, the product and brush were sealed in another sanitary bag, and inside that bag the brush came in a little plastic container type of thing and the kit itself has the little plastic film all powder cosmetics bring. She did not play around when it came to keeping her product sanitary and my OCD definitely thanks her for that! The kit is actually quite heavy even though it is in a cardboard kind of packaging. The brush is synthetic and the handle is plastic. I found the brush to be quite soft.

Shade Medium

The Product:

I was more impressed with the highlight than with the contour when I first swatched it. After using it for the past few days, I actually grew to love the contour part as well. I was hoping I didn’t like this to be honest (more on why below) but the product is pretty light and easy to blend. The warm toned contour works for me if I want to bronze up my face, but I do have to use quite a bit of it. The cool tone is perfect for contouring. I mean I have really been feeling myself every time I use it. Lately I’ve been mixing the two contour colors and I’ve been loving it. The highlight colors are both beautiful; they are both quite pigmented. The pink shows up a lot more on my skin and the golden one looks very subtle. I like to mix the two together because, why not!?! 🙂

The Price:

This kit costs a total of $52 PLUS SHIPPING! I think this is quite high for a contour kit, but you do get a mirror AND a double sided brush… so I guess it adds up? Most kits don’t bring a brush, so you’d have to buy it separately which does jack up the price. This is why I didn’t want to like it lol

Feeling myself LOL

Overall thoughts:

I was super pleasantly surprised with this product. Her “struggle” swatches definitely did not do it justice! I’ve been using this every day since I got it and I do love the way my skin and face look. I would actually repurchase this; but I don’t foresee myself needing to anytime soon because the pan sizes are not small at all. I’m glad I opted for the powder contour kit rather than the creme contour sticks because you actually get a decent amount of product with the powder.

While it is pricey, to me it is worth it. I’m sure though, that there are cheaper dupes out there and if you know of any, please let me know!

That’s all I have to say mes chers! Until next post! 

To purchase this kit visit KKW Beauty the product will be back in stock 09.06.17.


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