First Ever Collab!

Hello beauties! I am so excited to finally post this! I couple of months ago I got in contact with Brooke Clarke (blog link here), who was looking to do collabs with other bloggers. We got to talking and we thought it would be cool to try out each other's favorite foundation, concealer, and setting powder. Brooke lives in the UK and I live in New York, so we communicated via email. She's a sweetheart and I am so happy to be doing this collab with her! I feel like I've gained a blogger pen pal 🙂 Keep reading to find out Brooke's favorite makeup items and how they worked for me!


First, is the foundation, originally Brooke suggested a foundation by the brand Vichy, however I couldn't find it anywhere in the states! So she then suggested the Wake Me Up Foundation by Rimmel London. This one is actually a little hard to get your hands on in store. I got mine from Amazon for about $10 USD. I loved this foundation from the first pump! The packaging is very nice for a drug store brand, with a pump and a heavy, glass bottle. It has a light, luxurious scent and it has quite the coverage. This foundation reminds me a lot of the Diorskin Foundation, with a flawless, some what satin finish.

DSCN0203Ok, let's talk about this concealer. I am OBSESSED with this concealer! Also not easily found in the US, but I also found it Amazon for about $9 USD. This concealer almost never creases and has great coverage. I have heavy dark circles, and this does a great job covering them. It practically melts on your skin! I use this every day along with the Rimmel foundation.

The last product is the Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot setting powder; you can get this at Ulta, at your local Duane Reade/Walgreens, or at Target– honestly I believe that if you get it at Target or Walgreens you save some cash. This stuff feels super light weight on your face, doesn't cake up, and it sets my makeup really well. I've also been wearing this every day!

Overall, I have to say a huge thank you to Brooke for the collab and for introducing me to these amazing products! I love every single one so much and they have seriously become part of my daily routine. If you beauties haven't already, please check out Brooke's blog as it is AH-MA-ZING! Link HERE 🙂

Until next post! ♥♥


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