Christophe Robin

Hi beauties! Today I want to take some time to introduce you to my newest obsession: the Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt by Christophe Robin. My scalp tends to get dry and itchy even though my hair can get really oily. I’ve used everything and nothing soothed my itchy dry scalp— until now.

christophe robin
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I was super hesitant to try this because I didn’t want to risk causing my hair to get dry or loose it’s luster, but I needed something to help with my scalp fast. I am so glad I took the plunge and tried this because it is amazing and it smells great.

This product claims to remove build up, sebum, relieve and soothe itchy scalps. I have to say it definitely delivers on these points! My scalp and my hair feel super clean and refreshed after using this. It cleanses thoroughly so it truly feels like it removes any product or build up. I’m not sure that I can attest to it hydrating (which according to the sephora website it also does) but I can say that it has not dried out my hair or scalp.

It is a little costly; with the larger size (containing 8.3 oz) costing $53, but they have a smaller size which retails for $19. To try, I purchased the smaller size (containing 2.7 oz), and I don’t see myself running out of it so quickly. I use this as my first scrub, rinse, and then I go in with shampoo.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product to all my beauties!

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4 thoughts on “Christophe Robin

  1. Tina

    I wonder if this will help with Faith’s clorine build up. Her hair gets wrecked in the summer from the pool. We tried the shampoos for clorine build up but they just dry out her hair. She also has oily hair with dry scalp.

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