Travel Necessities

Hi beauties! I’ve finally moved in with my honey and we are some what settled in; key word being somewhat. Well, enough that I am able to sit down and blog 🙂 With all the moving, lifting, packing, unpacking and cleaning, I can definitely say that I am in need of a vacation. I’ve been reminiscing on my last vacation to Paris and how amazing it was. With that being said, traveling is not easy on a person or on your skin. During travel your skin needs tons of TLC, but TSA makes that pretty difficult. Keep on reading to find out what I take on my travel trips ♥

Just some sunscreen, bb cream and blush on this sunny day in Versaille.

Face Wash

The first thing I make sure I pack is a face wash. Since I have such acne prone skin, I pack a travel size Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser. I love this because it leaves my skin feeling cool, fresh and clean. This claims to go deep into pores to keep them clean and being that it does have salicylic acid as an ingredient I totally buy it. Plus it’s a dollar at Walmart 🙂 Another option would be a travel size Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. This is a much more gentler option and it works really well.


This is insanely important to me, and it should be to all of you beauties out there as well. Even if it looks cloudy outside, I always put some on. I always travel with a minimum of SPF 15. Right now I am loving the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer which has SPF 15 and they sell it in a travel size! If I am going somewhere tropical, I may bite the bullet and check my bag so I can take a full size Banana Boat sunscreen. It is so important to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays, so for tropical vacations I wont pack travel size, I will go full size because more often than not I will use it all up.

When traveling to cooler places or during cooler months (or for travel in general) I also always pack my Belif True Cream Aquabomb. I would use this every night after cleansing my face to make sure to balance my skin and avoid it from drying out.


I think we can all guess which foundation I will recommend here but I cant help it! The Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation is perfect for travel and it is full coverage! TSA will not give you a hard time with this and you get to travel with flawless skin 🙂 I wont even travel with a concealer when I take this on the road with me. Sometimes instead of foundation, I’ll just travel with my Garnier SkinActive BB Cream, which I love because it is very pigmented and hydrating (plus it has SPF 15). If I go somewhere tropical, I tend to only travel with blush, highlight and bronzer. In this situation I expect to tan a bit and not need foundation.

My #1 Foundation at the moment 🙂

Highlight, Bronzer and Blush

Ok, another giveaway of what I am going to recommend is the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne pop highlighter. Or even better the Becca x Chrissy Tiegen Glow Face Palette, they are both amazing, however the Chrissy palette has a bronzer, a blush and a highlighter, making it a bit more convenient. They are all shimmers so for a matte bronzer I love the Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer and for blush I loooove the Sephora Brand Blush.


This is simple– I run to sephora and pick up the Benefit They’re Real! mascara from the checkout line. They almost always have it there in a travel size.


For hair I pack a travel size Nexxus shampoo and conditioner which you can find at your local Walgreens or Duane Reade. I have very curly hair which needs the moisture and hydration that the Nexxus shampoo and conditioner provide. For styling, I usually just pour some of my Garnier Sleek and Shine Anti-Humidity Soothing Milk in an empty travel size container, and I’ll use this to style my hair in a sleek pony. I’ll also pack my flat iron to straighten it and since I do, I pour some TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray to protect my locks from heat damage.


For my body I just buy a travel size Dove soap, as this is my favorite soap 🙂 and I pour some Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion into a travel size bottle for night time moisturizing when I will be inside and not out in the sun.


Lastly, always carry some kind of lip balm! Planes can suck the moisture out of your lips, so I highly recommend lip balm. My favorite is the Korres Lip Butter because it adds a little bit of color and it moisturizes like crazy!

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Further down the road I will post about my tips and tricks on how to recover from traveling. I have other ideas for posts before that one though 😉 Until next post beauties!♥♥



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