Hi Fekkai!

Hi beauties! I am finally getting around to posting about haircare, particularly what I have been using religiously lately to wash (and condition) my hair.

Curly hair day 1

A little about my hair: I have tons of fine, curly hair. When I wash it and air dry it, my hair gets super curly and straightening it takes time. I mostly wear my hair straight, only because it tends to be more manageable for me on a day to day basis. I have a dry scalp, and because of that my hair tends to get oily. Basically, my hair is pretty high maintenance, and needs tons of nourishment.

Currently my go to shampoo and conditioner duo is the Fekkai Brilliant Glossing shampoo and conditioner. I absolutely LOVE this duo and I truly feel that it is worth every penny. It smells amazing and you can feel it nourishing your hair while using it.

The Shampoo: In the bottle I got 8 FL OZ which is pretty decent (though you can get bigger or smaller sizes). It smells so good– I want to say it smells very floral. This shampoo claims to restore shine to dull hair. I honestly think it does so much more than that. After the first use (I’ve been using this for 3 months now) I did notice that my hair was so much more shinier. I also noticed that it was so much softer and looked super hydrated.

The Conditioner: The bottle is the same as it is for the shampoo and you can also get smaller or bigger sizes. The conditioner is very creamy and has pretty much the same scent as the shampoo. I usually lather my hair with the shampoo 3 times before using the conditioner. I try and keep the conditioner away from my scalp to avoid build up, and I make sure I cover my ends really well. There isn’t a need to pile on too much product; I just put on enough to evenly coat my hair. The conditioner is super hydrating as well, I think that it definitely softens the hair even more, especially when applying it after the shampoo.

Straight Hair Day 1 


I haven’t used the other Fekkai products so I can’t speak on their efficacy, but I truly do recommend the Brilliant Glossing shampoo and conditioner. It nourishes my hair and adds shine to it. It is AMAZING!

♦Fekkai products can be found at the Fekkai website and at Target. ♦


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