Hi beauties!

Today I want to talk to you about four Tatcha products I purchased at Sephora. I’ve been dying to try these products, but they can be a bit pricey and I couldn’t help but think “what if I don’t like them?” Sure I could always return them, but who wants to go through all that trouble?! Even more so, do I have the will power to walk into Sephora and not spend more money? I think not. Luckily, Sephora has a limited time offer where you can purchase their best sellers for $60! Of course they’re not full size, but they bring a fair amount of product so you wont necessarily run out in a couple of days. Keep on reading to find out more about my experience. 🙂

image3 (1)The first Tatcha product I was super excited to try was their Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. This product sells for $48 and you get 1.35 oz (in the set you get .4 oz.). I absolutely love glowing, dewy skin and I’ve seen tons of YouTubers rave about this product. What you do is you shake it and spray it all over your face. I have been using this to set my makeup everyday. I have to say, this definitely makes your skin look super dewy. If you have oily skin, I’m not sure I would recommend this product as it could make your face look oilier. For me and all the other beauties who have normal to dry skin, this will add a nice dewy factor. It sprays on nicely and has a light fragrance to it, which subsides after just seconds. Overall, I’m very happy with this product.IMG_2256

The second product I have here is the Supple Moisture Rich Silk Cream. This cream goes for $120 at Sephora and you get 1.7 oz (set brings .34 oz). I was hoping not to like this cream because of the price, but of course I fell in love with it. It has a gel like feel to it and a very light scent which I very much enjoy. This cream feels so luxurious and hydrating when you put it on. I usualy put it on at night after showering and cleansing my face. I apply it all over my face and neck (you can’t forget the neck peeps!). Sometimes I also use it in lieu of primer and I just love it. However, not all of us are willing to spend $120 on a face cream (no matter how luxurious it feels); so a great dupe for this is the Belif True Cream Moisturizing Bomb, which can also be found at Sephora for a much cheaper price 🙂


Next up is the Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder. You can get this in one of two sizes: 0.35 oz for $15 or 2.1 oz for $65 at Sephora; the set I purchased brings the .35 oz. This is used as a cleanser. You basically wet your face and hands, pour some of the powder in your hands, add water and then rub your hands together to create a rich lather. Then you rub the lather on to your face. This is supposed to help with pores, uneven skin tone and texture. I honestly haven’t noticed a change in any of these areas, but maybe I need to use it longer to see the changes. What I have noticed is that it does leave your face feeling super (squeaky) clean and soft. I would invest $15 in the .35 oz since a little does go a long way for me, and I like the clean feeling. Personally speaking, I don’t think I would need the $65 size. It didn’t necessarily blow my mind, but like I said it definitely cleans.

image5The last product you get is the Pure One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil. Like the rice enzyme powder you can get this in one of two sizes; either .8 oz for $15 or 5.1 oz for $48. The set brings the .8 oz bottle. This is supposed to help with makeup removal, acne, dullness, aging, and uneven texture. You are supposed to apply this to your face dry, and rub it in, once you’ve done this, you then rinse it off with water. This will create a milky substance and will easily rinse off all your makeup and dirt. I haven’t used this as much as the other products, but I can say that this will remove ALL of your makeup. I usually remove my makeup with wipes, but no matter what there is always some makeup residue left over. When I used this, there was nothing left. I was very impressed with that aspect of the oil. As for all the other claims, I’ll have to keep using it to see if it does do all it says, and come back and update the post with the results. I think 5.1 oz is quite a bit of product for $48, so if I do repurchase, I would definitely get the bigger size.

IMG_2255I have to say that overall I am very happy to have purchased this set as an introduction to the Tatcha products. My most favorite products thus far are the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and the Silk Cream. I feel like both of them give my skin a hydrated look, which I love. I need to use the other two products more to see if they do cause any improvements on my face.

I hope you beauties find this post helpful. Until next post! 🙂


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