Allure May Beauty Box!

Hi beauties! Today we are looking at my May allure beauty box. I enjoy receiving this beauty box every month because it’s helped me find amazing beauty products. Plus, it feels like christmas every time you have a package with surprise samples waiting for you at home! Keep reading to find out what’s in my beauty box this month.


First I want to talk about the little eyeshadow I received. It is an additional color that goes with a small palette that was sent in my first beauty box. They mentioned I would slowly receive other colors to add to it and I finally have! It’s a cute little purple/lilac and it has a little bit of shimmer. The formula for the other shades feels pretty good so I am assuming this one would be the same. The shadows are by the brand doucce and on their site you can basically create your own palette for $35. I am excited to create a look with the mini palette and let you guys know what I think! 

Keeping up with the makeup topic, I also received an eyeshadow blending brush by the brand Luxie. The brush feels super soft so I am excited to use it. I love receiving brushes because a girl could never have enough brushes 🙂

Now, let’s dive into the skincare items I received. The first item I am super excited to try is the Skinfix Foaming Clay Cleanser (first picture below). This says it’s 99% natural, it is pH balanced and it cleanses dirt, impurities and makeup to soften and renew skin. Lately, my skin has been a little crazy, and I am a firm believer in charcoal masks and cleansers. It has a really pleasant and light scent which is a plus. I can not wait to see what this does for me 🙂

Second on my list (and I kind of already tried it) is the Stress Check roller ball by the brand This Works (second picture above). I’m a huge fan of the Bath and Body Works aromatherapy stress relief line. The eucalyptus scent is super soothing for me and it helps me unwind completely after a day of work. When I opened this and inhaled in the scent I was instantly soothed. It kind of reminded me of the eucalyptus stress relief line. You just roll some on your pulse points and breathe in. It feels a little oily on the skin and the scent is kind of long lasting. I really like this already and I intend on using this before bed 🙂

The last two products I got are pictured above. The first one, is by a brand I actually really like, it’s called Drunk Elephant. They have an amazing AHA based skin care product (here’s looking at you T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum!). That being said, I was excited to see that allure sent me their Umbra Sheer Physical Daily Defense. It’s a sunscreen lotion, with antioxidants and a bunch of other stuff that is great for skin such as raspberry seed and marula oil. I absolutely love me a good sunscreen lotion (I’m just a girl, trying to prevent sun damage and aging here), so I’m excited to try this guy.

The last item sent to me, I’m not too thrilled about but I’ll definitely try it before I knock it. It’s the Relaxing Body Oil in the lavender scent by Kneipp. I’m not huge on body oils especially before bed, although maybe I should be. I just hate the feeling of oily skin on my pjs or my bedsheets. The scent isn’t as enticing as the stress check’s roller ball but they are two completely different products. I definitely need to try this before saying anything further because I’m not so impressed off the bat.

Ok guys that sums up my allure beauty box! I’ll keep you guys posted in my beauty box hits at a later date. 

Thank you for stoping by beauties! Until next post 🙂 

To sign up for the allure beauty box or to learn more click here. $15 per month.


5 thoughts on “Allure May Beauty Box!

  1. Allure is such a great box to receive. I can tell you off the bat that I have completely fell in love with the doucce cosmetics. I use the doucce precision eyeliner and its amazing. Its waterproof and lasts such a long time. So I am looking foward to trying the eyeshadows thanks to this post. Great read!

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