Origins Face Masks!

Hi beauties!

Today we are looking at the brand Origins, specifically three of their masks. I absolutely LOVE face masks and I’ve tried many masks from different brands. I want to dedicate a blog post to Origins because I am a huge fan of theirs, and these masks have helped my skin.

There’s nothing better than relaxing at home with a good face mask working on your skin. Since my face is so finicky and tends to break out pretty easy, I like to use masks that focus on break outs, pore cleansing, and pore minimization. Keep on reading to learn more about Origins and my go to masks at the moment. Click here to learn about the history of Origins.


Ladies and gentlemen, lets talk about the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask. This mask can be purchased for USD $26 through the Origins site (linked above) or at Sephora. This mask is my holy grail; it has active charcoal as a main ingredient which is great for detoxifying the skin. I’ve gone through about three tubes already. When you put it on you can feel the mask deep cleaning your pores. This is a cult favorite and it is with good reason. Before I started using this mask my nose was covered with black heads. I started using this, with little expectations of it doing anything at all. After some time, I remember looking in the mirror and noticing that the blackheads on my nose were virtually gone! I was floored to say the least. I’m not sure if this is still the case but Sephora did carry the smaller size, which is cheaper. I recommend this to everyone; I’ve even got my boyfriend using it. This mask gets a 5 out 5 through and through.


In the month of January of this year, I had a really bad break out on my chin and the sides of my face. I would get rid of one pimple and another would come right back to replace it. It was absolutely stressful and awful. I bought this mask because I’ve read that sulfur is actually very beneficial for your skin especially for acne. This mask would give me such a cooling sensation, it was really relaxing and it felt a little strong (but not harsh at all). It had a bit of a scent which I did not mind at all, as all products with a sulfur base tend to have a bit of a scent. I would use this once every 2 days when my skin was really bad for 10 minutes as indicated. This mask really helped calm my skin; now I had other issues going on that caused my break out, so I cant be 100% sure if it will make your break outs disappear. However I will say that it did prevent my skin from getting worse and with time it did heal. It’s a great mask and I loved the sensation it gives my skin, definitely another 5 out of 5 🙂 Now, a little disclaimer, I always recommend that you moisturize after using a charcoal, sulfur or exfoliating mask to avoid over-drying.  Buy the Out of Trouble 10 minute mask  here for USD $26 (for the full size) or at Sephora.


The last mask I want to talk about is the Original Skin mask, which retails for USD $26 as well. When I first used this I didn’t notice any difference on my skin; I was actually disappointed. One day browsing through the Sephora website I decided to read the reviews to find out why so many people praised it– then I gave it another shot. I have to say that it does make my skin feel tighter when I use it. It has little Jojoba beads which act as an exfoliant when you wash it off. It didn’t reduce my pores so much but it did make my skin feel renewed and fresh. After using it I would moisturize and the next day I would notice that my skin definitely felt smoother and it would have a light glow to it. Keep in mind that it is an exfoliating mask, so I would use it once a week to avoid drying out my skin. The results aren’t overnight, so you have to give it a chance. It has a light pleasant smell to it, which is very tolerable. I would rate this mask a 4 out of 5, and honestly I think it’s because I was expecting for it to work quicker– I was very tough on this mask.

Overall, I have to say that Origins has yet to disappoint me. Their products are of great quality. If you are looking to try out a new mask, I definitely recommend this brand to start with, if Sephora no longer has the small pod sizes, you can always ask for a sample to try. My first was the charcoal mask and I was blown away by it’s effectiveness. Please keep in mind that all skin is different and this review is based on my experience with the masks.

I hope this helps you find your perfect mask! Until next post beauties! 


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