Cinema Secrets Review

Hi my beauties! I just tried the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner and I had to run to my laptop and write about it.

I know that we all dread that time when we have to clean our brushes. It’s yet another tedious chore but we must do it. It’s super important to clean makeup brushes regularly since they can harbor germs that clog pores and cause break outs.

I got the small bottle at the Sephora checkout line and I tried it just now with my face brushes.


I totally  give this product a 5 out 5. You just pour some of the blue cleaning solution in the little tin, then you dip your brush in the solution, and finally you wipe your brush on a clean towel or piece of paper. The results are… amazing! I mean this thing gets out all the gunk that you forgot was ever on your brush; it even removes residue left behind from previous cleanings. The best part of it all (other than it super cleaning the brushes) is that it actually is quick drying. My brushes were dry again in no time!

The only draw back is that it has an interesting scent– it’s very difficult to explain it, but it’s not very strong, just interesting. Honestly, the quality of the product definitely outweighs the interesting scent that this product has. I totally super recommend this!

Look at ALL the makeup it removed from just ONE brush!


Go on and keep your brushes clean beauties! Until next post 🙂


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