It’s Glow Time!

My favorite part of doing my makeup is applying highlighter. Since I have such dry skin, I love popping on a bit of sparkle to make my face glow. Finding the right highlighter can be tricky sometimes, so in this post I want to talk about the ones that have worked for me. My goal is to one day master the art and glow like JLo 😉

  1. My first, ride or die highlighter is the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter (retails for USD $30) in the shade Champagne Pop. Jaclyn Hill really knew what she was doing with this because not only is this highlighter poppin’, but it is flattering on practically all skin tones. Even mine which I feel is in the awkward “im-tan-kind-of-olive-but-not-really” color. It adds a glowing effect to all areas it is applied to. It’s great for strobbing and it is NOT chunky or chalky at all. My absolute favorite of all times!
  2. The next highlighter I want to mention is by Jouer Cosmetics and it is their Powder Highlighter in the shade Citrine (retails for USD $24-currently sold out 😦 ). This highlighter will blind people who look directly at it, so use with caution— just kidding, but it is very pigmented! I love using this when I am going full on glam. It’s perfect to add that ‘pop’ to the inner corners of the eye and for the brow bone. The only draw back I will say about this is, that it does have a lot of kick back when you go in to apply it, but you can always blow the excess away.

DSCN0043        3.  My  next super favorite is shown above (don’t mind the stains, this palette gets a lot of love) and it is the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit (retails for USD $40-currently sold out 😦 ). I had read mixed reviews about this guy, and I was super hesitant to buy this ( I’ll be honest, it was mostly because I was supposed to be on a no buy— what a fail). After watching people swatch it and reading up on it I decided to bite the bullet and I must say I am so happy that I did! Every single shade is super pigmented! My favorite shade is the coral/orange-y color called ‘day dream’. I honestly do not have anything negative to say other than there is some kick back but, again, you can always just blow away the excess powder, so it’s not a big deal. I think this is definitely worth the money considering you get six decent size pans of highlighter.

DSCN0044         4.  Another collab product here with the Jeffree Star x Manny MUA highlighter in the shade Eclipse (retails for USD $29). When I first swatched it, I wasn’t very “shook”, but when I applied this to my cheek bones I was blown away. It’s not the kind of highlighter that will look all chunky and glittery. It actually glows and highlights the cheekbones, nose, and any other areas you apply it to. I was especially impressed when I walked by a mirror and the light happened to hit the right spot on my cheeks. I mean, I looked, so SNATCHED as Jeffree would say! It’s a very flattering color for most skin tones also which is a mega plus. I was actually scared that it would be unflattering to my skin tone, so I was ecstatic when I saw how nice it went on. The packaging is heavy and it is HUGE! It’s definitely worth it considering the amount of product you are getting. I don’t know if I’ll ever hit pan on this product, but hey, I ain’t mad at it!

5.  Lastly, I also own the Cover FX Perfect Highlighting Powder (retails for USD $34). Manny MUA mentioned it in his Most Disappointing Makeup of 2016! video. When he reviewed it, he mentioned that it was very subtle and gives that “glow from within” look, which, I am all about for my day to day look. I must say that it is SUPER subtle, I mean it definitely gives a little bit of a glow but it is insanely subtle. So subtle that when you first apply it, you’ll have a hard time seeing it on your skin unless light is hitting it directly. This is definitely a product I put on when I am going for a no makeup look. If you are looking to glow to high heaven, then I will not recommend this at all. This product is more suitable for my natural babes.

That is it for now! Thank you so much for stopping by and for bearing with me through this super long in depth review of my go to highlighters!

Until next post! 🙂


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