Hi everyone! By now I think it’s becoming clear how obsessed I am with skin care and all the products associated with it. Recently (about 2 weeks ago) I received some Lancome products for free for testing purposes via influenster. Now, I will say that I am ALWAYS honest about my reviews regarding products, whether I get them free or not.  In this post I will talk about two of the three products I received, their cost, how they have been working for me so far, and whether I would buy/recommend them. So if you are interested keep on reading!

The first product that caught my attention was the Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo. This is a dual phase, gel night time peel. Now, as soon as I read the word peel, I freaked out a bit. To me, peels can be harsh, cause irritation and so on. As I read the ingredients I became intrigued. So I went for it. The box claims that you’ll see more radiant, smoother skin after the FIRST NIGHT! Now that is one heavy claim to make, but I will say after waking up the next morning I did notice that my face looked plump and I did notice that it even looked brighter. Now, I am always super skeptical so I thought that maybe it was all in my head and that maybe I drank way too much of the cool-aid too soon. However, I did continue to use it. Now fast forward, and I am currently on night 2 of Phase 2. I have to say that my skin is as clear as it has ever been and my pores even look smaller.

Now, I know I’ve mentioned it before but I feel the need to mention it again; I have always struggled with acne and also with large pores. So I am super shocked at the difference this peel has made on my skin. I love trying new things but I feel like I’ve found my ride or die peel. I will say that the smell is a bit strong for this product and at first it was a major turn off. I mean, I am using this at night, I don’t want to feel suffocated by a perfume smell. But i pushed through it, and I boy am I glad I did! For those of you who are sensitive to smells I urge you to go to Sephora, Bloomingdales or wherever else you can find it and take a whiff. I’d hate for someone to buy it and be upset that I didn’t disclose this!

Something to keep in mind; while you use this peel you should stay away from other AHAs (glycolic acid, lactid acid etc). This could cause irritation to the skin and that would totally defeat the purpose. Also, another little disclaimer is that, Phase 2 has a bit of a burn when you first put it on. I did some research on this because it scared me silly, and it seems that this is totally normal and it should subside within 5 minutes of applying. With that being said, for the ladies with the sensitive skin, be sure you do a patch test before applying it all over your face. I also made sure to keep it away from my eye area. The skin under the eyes is very sensitive, so be sure to avoid it.

The sunscreen is perfect to use in the morning after the peel. You should always use sunscreen (at least SPF15) to protect your skin, and even more so when using AHAs. AHAs can cause the skin to become more sensitive to the sun, so you want to be sure to care for it a bit more. This Lancome Bienfait sunscreen is super lightweight on the skin. I usually put it on in the morning after washing my face and let it get soaked in by my skin before priming and doing the rest of my makeup. It smells like sunscreen which doesn’t bother me as it reminds me of summer. Be careful pouring it on to your hands as it is a bit watery (which didn’t necessarily bother me but, I don’t know, I can see it being a negative for some). For the price point, I would say you can probably find something at your local Duane Reade or Rite Aide that does the same thing.

Overall, I have to say I definitely recommend these products. The good outweighs any bad that I may have mentioned of either product. For me, personally, I could deal with the strong scent and with the sunscreen being a bit watery. I was also able to tolerate the burning sensation during the first 5 minutes of the first day of Phase 2. Again, the price point for the sunscreen, for me, is a bit high, especially when there are other brands that sell facial sunscreens at a more affordable price.

To those of you who do decide to try it, make sure you do a patch test first before slathering it all over your face. All skin is different and just because this is the best thing since sliced bread for me does not mean that it will be the same for everyone else.

You can find this at SephoraMacy’sLancome

You get: 1 FL OZ of the Visionnaire Crescendo and 1.7 FL OZ of the Bienfait UV Protection

Cost: Visionnaire Crescendo $75 (but soo worth it) and Bienfait UV $39

That’s all for now! I’ll see you all on the next one 😉



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