Facial Cleansers

Hi y’all! In this post I want to talk about my favorite facial cleansers. I can’t stress the importance of cleaning your skin daily. When you live in such a busy city like I do, your face traps tons of pollutants and dirt, so you want to make sure you give your skin a good refresh every day. Keep reading to find out the products that work for me!


  1. Purity made simple by Philosophy- This is the holy grail of facial cleansers. This bad boy cleanses, moisturizes and tones all in one. I have to admit I have never used a toner on my face, mostly because a lot of them have an alcohol base which can be very drying, however toning balances out the ph of your skin so it is very beneficial. I was so glad to have found this three in one cleanser that I bought a big bottle of it on the first try. A little goes a long way with this so you definitely get your money’s worth. It cleans off any excess makeup your wipe may have missed without drying out your skin. You can buy it through their site http://www.philosphy.com or  at Sephora.Purity made simple
  2. Continuous Acne Control by Clean and Clear- Believe it or not, I have very acne prone skin. It’s been a struggle for me since puberty. This facial cleanser has an ingredient that is very helpful in battling acne and that is benzoyl peroxide. This bad boy ingredient targets the acne causing bacteria before it clogs your pores. I use this before and after events in which I use a lot of heavy makeup or on hot days spent out and about in the city. I remember being told that when it comes to acne, prevention is key, and I believe that this cleanser is amazing at helping prevent breakouts. Of course, I do advice moisturizing after using this; if you are heading out to be under the sun, remember to use a good sunscreen! You can find this at your local CVS, Walgreens or at Target.
  3. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser- I don’t use this one as much as the other two I’ve mentioned but I find that this one is great for sensitive skin. It’s super gentle; at least for me it feels ridiculously gentle. It removes dirt and oil very well from the skin without stripping it of its natural oils. I used this religiously when I was in college, I even used to carry a travel size around during the sticky, humid, summer months. You can find this at Target or your local CVS, Walgreens, Duane Reade, or Rite Aid.

That’s it for my top three favorite facial cleansers! I try not to switch this part up too much in my routine because since my skin is dry I don’t like to push its limits too much. My skin is still not perfect however, a combination of keeping it clean and hydrated has helped a lot. The above have worked for my skin type; please remember that this does not mean it will necessarily work for you. Lastly, this post is NOT sponsored by any of the brands listed above; I am not receiving any compensation from the above, all opinions are my own.


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