Festival Skin Care Routine

Festival season is officially upon us! With that being said, it is easy to forget to care for your skin, here’s looking at me!

Although I am not the biggest fan of big crowds, I made my way down to Indio, CA this past weekend to Coachella for the second time. I tend to have dry to combination skin (mostly dry) and my skin definitely tends to break out (ugh). The desert can be one cruel place when it comes to skin, however keep reading to find out how I managed to keep my skin clear and hydrated through makeup, sand and heat.

First, I NEVER went to bed with my makeup on– NEVER. This seems like an obvious step but believe me, when you come back to your airbnb/hotel/camp site after a day full of dancing, walking and standing all you want to do is hit the bed. To clean my face of all dirt and makeup I love using my Purity by Philosophy face cleanser (buy it here). This stuff is a dream! It cleanses, hydrates and tones, ALL IN ONE! You can even get it in a travel size (TSA hassle free). I make sure I cleanse after brushing my teeth, to make sure any germies from cleaning my teeth get washed away.

Then, once my face is clean and makeup/dirt free, I usually moisturize, however, lately I’ve been using the Lancome Visionnaire Crescendo Progressive Night Peel (buy it here). Now I will say this: I did receive this free for testing purposes from my pals at Influenster; that being said I will be completely honest. Although the scent is a bit too strong for me for a night time serum/peel, it works wonders (and given the price point I hate that I love it). I will normally put this on, and get in my jammies and let it get soaked into my skin for a few minutes.

Once my skin has soaked it in, I go in with a moisturizer. Here is where I tend to get creative and switch things up a bit. Lately, my favorite moisturizer is the Creme de LaMer by LaMer (buy it here or here). Ok so this one is super expensive but it is amazing! It is truly luxurious and hydrating and your skin looks and feels plump and bright the next morning. Other nights, I’ll going in with the Tarte Maracuja Oil (buy here) or with the belif aquabomb (buy it here). If I’m feeling truly lazy, I wont add a moisturizer at all.

In the morning I wash my face using my Purity cleanser, and I moisturize using the aquabomb or (most likely I go in with this one since I’ll be under the sun) Lancome Beinfait UV SPF (buy it at sephora). I let my skin really soak that in before I prime my face and go in and beat the face for the day (I’ll post about that separately).

Keep in mind that all skin is different, and reacts differently to different products. These steps work for me and my skin type. However, I can’t emphasize enough, how important it is to remove all the makeup and sand after a day out in the desert and to use sunscreen. Your skin will thank you!


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